Exquisite handmade chainmaille jewelry and armor
© 2011-2017 Jonathan Rutledge
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By 2009, Jonathan had come up with the name Ringcrafts and purchased the website. He also had started teaching a number of interested friends his craft. Then he met his future wife, Colleen, who was very keen to learn new types of jewellery to make. She added many new designs to Ringcrafts’ stock and provided much inspiration.

Ringcrafts finally launched their site in January of 2012, making their products available to the public, and in November 2012 they started hosting tables at shows. Now they are a well-known sight at a number of conventions and medieval festivals. There are even a few stores they provide products for.

In 2016, Colleen started Green Door Life Coaching.

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In early 2007, Jonathan decided to buy some smaller rings and attempt some jewellery. He was experimenting at school one day when he was asked to make some earrings as a birthday gift. He made the earrings and the girl who received them loved them so much she wore them every day for a month. This boosted Jonathan’s confidence in the potential of chainmaille jewellery and he began building a stock and selling them to friends and family.

Ringcrafts was technically founded late in 2005 when Jonathan Rutledge and his friend decided to make a chainmaille shirt for a live action roleplaying game they were part of. They made the rings themselves by winding wire around a metal bar and cutting them one at a time from the coil. Needless to say, this took a very long time and the resulting shirt, while well made, was quite obviously a first attempt.

In the summer of 2006, Jonathan was commissioned to make a second shirt, this one with an image in it. Using rings purchased from The Ring Lord, a chainmaille supply company, he was able to provide a shirt of far higher quality much quicker. No sooner had he completed it than he was asked to make another. Thus Jonathan’s career as an armorer began.

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